Monday, August 20, 2012

Teaching...part 1

The second job.  I knew I was good at it, but how would anyone know unless I was given a chance to show them?

I had previously taught at another college before I frustrated by the director and quit.  We kept butting heads over things like calling the Deaf President Now movement as "Gaulladet Protest" (she insisted it was called "Gaulladet Revolution") and she would set me up to fail like withholding the presentation material from me, telling me I was supposed to develop that myself. 

I had been tutoring at the current college for almost 2 years and everyone was already familiar with me.  Students, who came to see me for tutoring help, always finished their semesters with improved grades.  I helped primarily deaf students with mathematics/English and interpreting students with their signing skills.  My ability to help students understand their material got around and that helped grease the wheels to the second job.

Granted, one of the teachers who was supposed to teach backed out...but it was more over scheduling conflict than anything.  I was asked one week before the class started for the semester to step in.  No problem!  I have stepped in with a lot less time than that.

My boss liked how I knew what to do with certain situations and how to handle the paperwork.  I told him, "Remember, I have taught before and I do enjoy teaching."


not displayed said...

It is always so frustrating when a manger holds you back from your full potential.
I am glad the next job worked out better for you

A Daft Scots Lass said...

Douchy Director!