Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Welcome to my new blog!

Welcome to my new blog! I am sure that many of you have questions to ask...all in good time. Right now, I want to introduce you to the real me. I have a disability and it is what I like to call an "invisible disability".

You would never know from seeing pictures of me or even chatting with me online that I have a disability. I do not have any form of mental deficiency. I do not have any physical deformity. In fact, my I.Q. has been measured at or around 143 which puts me in the "above average" range...for a hearing person. Yes, I am deaf.

Why did I bring up the I.Q. issue? I first heard of the phrase "Liar, liar, pants on fire!" when I was 25 years old. Because of my deafness, I never picked up on things like that. In fact, a deaf friend of mine had never heard of the word "cooties" until last week when his hearing fiancee jokingly said "Are you afraid of getting my cooties?" and he is almost 40. Imagine how much more information I could pick up...if I could hear. I'd probably fall over from excessive brain weight! Hehe

How would you know that I am deaf when you look at me? You wouldn't, unless you talk to me in person. That's why I call it an invisible disability. I am not slightly deaf or even hard of hearing. I am profoundly deaf and during audiological tests, my ears start to register noise at above 90 decibels.

How loud is that? I don't hear a heavy truck...unless it goes by me at a close distance. Firecrackers start at 100 decibels, rock concerts at 110, and jet taking off at 120. I don't hear my lawnmower (it's around 110)...yes, I know...I am lucky that I can't hear that. ;)

Why have I created this blog? I wanted to share with the world the unique perspective of being a deaf person...and being a deaf parent. My wife is hearing and my girls are hearing. I know you're curious and like I said, all in good time. I want to introduce you to my world, one post at a time. Maybe I will create an account with formspring where you can ask me questions.