Monday, July 26, 2010

Formspring Q & A #12

Q: You seem to be an intelligent man. What's your IQ?

A: Thank you. To tell you the truth, I honestly don't know...been decades since I was "officially" tested, when I was 18. The IQ test, at the time, measured me at 126 or 128. I took one online, few years ago and I scored 143. I think. I know that having an IQ of 130+ puts me in "above average" or higher. What's amazing about that is I am deaf and I cannot pick up on things aurally.

Editor's note: Feel free to ask me more questions, but I have disabled Formspring due to its unreliability factor. People have told me they sent in questions and I have no way of knowing if I got all of the questions. This post is THE LAST QUESTION that has been answered...if you do not see your question in here, you would have to e-mail me (check my profile for my e-mail address) and you can ask that I not credit you if you do not want anyone to know it was you.


-MissC* said...

Hello! I am a new follower, found your link on Gucci's blog. My family and I are currently learning ASL so your blog seems particularly interesting to me.

DCHY said...

MissC - thank you for leaving a comment. Glad that you are interested in my blog. I plan to post some new stuff...just wanted to get all the Q & A out of the way first. ;)