Tuesday, September 14, 2010

10 Year Anniversary Party

We had our 10th year anniversary party last Saturday. About 25 people came to our party, out of about 35 invited. Only two deaf friends came, but most of the hearing adult friends were already skilled in sign language so I didn't feel left out at all. The atmosphere was chaotic because almost half of those who attended were kids.

We made cupcakes (most of them were made from scratch, nearly organic) and everyone had a choice of flavors for a cupcake - vanilla, chocolate, "colored" vanilla (food dyes), and chocolate cake mix. The frostings and the topings were DIY (Do It Yourself) and the partygoers had a choice of frosting - vanilla, mint chocolate, chocolate, and peanut butter-vanilla. All four frostings were made from scratch with my taste buds guiding the way for my wife. Then, they had to choose from the gamut of...TOPPINGS! All were store-bought - Reese's Cups all chopped up and blended, mini M & M's, mini chocolate chips, chocolate sprinkles, and colored sugar shakers (red, pink, green, yellow, purple, and blue).

I am sure we all had gained a minimum of 2 pounds by the time we woke up from our sugar-induced coma the next day. ;)

Some of the kids went NUTS on the choices...few of them piled upon just about everything on a cupcake. Hehe! Mercifully, this took place on a hardwood floor so it wasn't too hard to clean up all the spillovers from the kids' overindulgence.

The last of the partygoers left around 9:30 pm. The party was a smashing success - people LOVED the delicious cupcakes and most could not stop after just one. Some even asked for a recipe.


Emmy said...

Happy belated anniversary!
Sounds like the party was a great success!

Garden of Egan said...

I think I would love to have seen pictures of that event. Sounds messy.
I love messy.

Happy Anniversary.
Hopefully you are over the sugar induced coma!

Could I have the recipe of the Duncan Hines cupcakes????

Vodka Logic said...

Happy Anniversary..sounds like a good time.

Cheers to many more.

nitebyrd said...

Happy Anniversary! Sounds like y'all had a great time. That's a fun idea with the cupcakes. Your wife must like to bake!

Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

Sounds yummy... and now I feel like a cupcake.

Anjeny said...

So, where are the pictures? I wasn't invited, at least with the pictures, I can pretend I was in the midst of all the fun chaos..ahahah...Happy Belated Anniversary and Congratulations on the number.
I'll throw myself into the some and ask for recipe..can I? Please, handsome pls, with all that goodness yummy sprinkles on top? LOL

-MissC* said...

Happy Anniversary!!!
Ten years is a wonderful mile stone to celebrate!!
That cup cake idea sounds amazing!!! I would love too go to a party with a cup cake table!!
My husband started a blog recently. If you're into sports, video games, or beer you might enjoy checking his blog out.

DCHY said...

Emmy - it sure was!

Garden of Egan - you know what? Many people brought their cameras but nobody took pictures! They were just all too caught up in the party. :)

Vodka Logic - thank you very much.

Nitebyrd - she is good at baking. Really.

Shelle - come visit and she will make you a cupcake. ;)

Anjeny - I will post the recipes in the next post. Sorry there were no pictures to post.

-MissC - why don't YOU host a cupcake party? Be sure to do it on a type of floor that makes it easy for you to clean the mess off. As for your hubby, I will definitely take a look since I enjoy sports and video games. :)

-MissC* said...

LOL It is a reeally great idea! But My apt is too on the small side. But the idea has already been filed away for later use.

DCHY said...

-MissC* - then you need to find a sucker to let you host the party. ;)