Monday, July 12, 2010

Formspring Q & A #10

Q: How did you meet your wife?

A: This is easily one of my favorite anecdotes to share with people. Thanks for asking, really. Here it is...

People kept asking me where they should go to meet their potential mates. I get asked for advice on many things and I get why - they know I have the answers or I'll say something that makes perfect sense to them. I always tell them to never go to the bars because the people they meet there are under influence and are not necessarily who they are when sober. I've seen way too many relationships fail on that merit alone.

So...where did I meet my wife? At a bar, no less. LOL You need to know this about me...I do not drink and I refuse to drink on the account of my father. So, why was I at a bar? That's where deaf people hang out to socialize (it's a deaf culture thing) and where interpreting students go to help hone their skills by interacting with deaf people. I really never liked going to bars - the people you know aren't the people you know later on.

I had met her earlier when a friend of mine introduced her to me as his girlfriend so I put her out of my mind. When I went to the bar few weeks later, I found out she was single again so I asked around and found out that she is hearing and was studying to be an interpreter. That meant I could go over to talk to her and communicate easily with her. I was just interested in her mind and her see if she was really someone I could talk to. Guess what?

Yep, we hit it off right away and when I found out where she lived, I invited her to watch me play in a dart league at a bar 10 minutes from her home. The opposing team never showed up and we talked.

And talked.

And talked.

Until the bar kicked us out. We went to her house (I lived almost an hour away) and talked some more. I finally left at 7:30 am. Now you know why I love to tell this story. The moral? Despite my rousing success (going to celebrate 10 year wedding anniversary soon), I still say "don't meet people at bars". ;)


heelsnstocking said...

lmao x

off to the bar to meet someone :P

Gucci Mama said...

Awesome. Love it.

DCHY said...

HnS - hehe!

GM - a question for me? LOL

MandaKelly said...

That's really awesome!

wendy said...

Figured after having read your article on Real World, that I'd stop by and "see who you are".
Your deaf eh.....I used to have a best friend who was deaf (about 25years ago) and she taught me sign language, and so I also went to a night class .

If I were single again, I have NO IDEA where I'd go to meet "single" men. Bars are a drag for sure.
But since I am 59, I'd just bag the whole thing I think.
I don't like being alone, but at that point...........sheeesh

DCHY said...

Wendy - welcome to my blog. Glad you stopped by and hope you'll be a regular visitor.

What happened to your best friend? Just moved on? Do you still remember some of the signs?

As for your age, nobody is too old to start looking again. My mother is alone again (just recently) and she's a bit older than you, but she is looking...

DCHY said...

Mandakelly - thank can see why I like telling this story. Didn't see that you had commented. Muy bad.

Anonymous said...

HA! You know... I met my wife in a bar for the first time too! She hates that I tell people that but it's true! We actually were set up through a friend of mine who had us meet there with a large group of people. We hit it off and eventually went off on our own "official" date... but it is true... people still do meet in bars!