Monday, July 5, 2010

Formspring Q & A #9

Q: Sorry if this seems personal, but I am curious. What is sex like with hearing and deaf partners? I'm assuming that you've experienced both.

A: I don't think that is too personal. In fact, I get asked that sometimes when I agree to be on the hot seat for students in sign language classes who are either studying to be sign language interpreters or just interested in deaf culture.

You're right - I've had experience with both deaf and hearing women and I know that this is day and night when it comes down to that. The differences? Communication style changes (you can use your voice with hearing partners and you can't with deaf partners), senses (not having one sense can enhance the other senses, it's true), cultural differences (think of this as having different religions, beliefs, or race), and the "worship" factor.

Let me explain the "worship" factor. Think of your celebrity that you have a major crush on. You'd do anything for that celeb so you can have your experience. Not quite the same here, have someone who wants to be with you just because you are deaf or hearing. Some deaf people do WANT to be with a hearing person for selfish reasons (having a "built-in" interpreter is the most common reason) and hearing people want to be with a deaf person for selfish reasons too (most common is to accelerate the learning process). I made sure that I wasn't with each woman for selfish reasons; I couldn't say I made sure each didn't choose me for selfish reasons - I don't have their brains. ;)

I know there's the inevitable question that begs to be asked - which is better, deaf or hearing? - and I do not have a preference. You could argue that I've been with hearing women more often than deaf women...but that's because the circumstances were right more often with the hearing women. That's my respectful answer.


Anonymous said...

Good answer handsome. Definitely an interesting thing to read about.

DCHY said...

Alex - thank you. :)

Gucci Mama said...

Very interesting. I've never thought about that before. The "worship factor" you mentioned makes sense. A lot of sense.

Fascinating, my dear.

Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

Huh... worship factor huh? I usually wanted guys for vain reasons like their abs and their smile. Ya know.

nitebyrd said...

Very interesting. I never would have thought about that "worship" factor.

DCHY said...

Gucci Mama - interesting, isn't it? :)

Shelle - unless there is that worship factor involved. ;)

Nitebyrd - that's why I always give heads up to incoming interpreting students. I've seen too many get exploited by selfish deaf people and too many quit for that reason.