Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Say What? "Hehe, you're suave"

Scene: I am at a zoo with my girls and my older daughter starts a conversation with me

Her (giggles at me): Hehe, you're suave
Me: Huh?
Her (pointing at my arm): Suave, you're suave
Me (looks down and sees the stuffed giraffe doll in my arm): Oh! Giraffe!
Her: Yeah, your giraffe. You're a big baby. (giggles again)


southerngirl said...

Uhh so yeah....hate to admit I am lost on this one.

However, I will say, giraffes are kinda suave imo...


DCHY said...

Southerngirl - hehe! That's one way to look at it! LOL