Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Say What? "Can she go snake and swimming with us?"

Scene: I am at a public pool with my daughter when one of her friends sees us and comes over.

Friend: "Can she go snake and swimming with us?"
Me: "You want her to swim side to side like a snake?"
Friend (confused): "Huh?"

Oh boy, time to repeat back to her what I thought she said...

Me: "Did you ask me if she can snake and swim with you?"
Friend (giggles, smiles at me): "No, (motions with her hand, "pushing down" with palm down) slide...(points at the water slide over there)."
Me: "Oh! I was thinking why would you want her to snake around! (laughs with her) Sure, go have fun!"

-Editor's note: I just left for vacation today and will not be returning until the end of the month. I have queued up the posts to the end of the month, so please keep coming back for new posts. I will respond to your comments when I can. Enjoy!


heelsnstocking said...

lmao! x and happy Birthday xx

Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

Happy happy birthday!!! Hope it was a good one! Hope your trip is fun!

That is a funny story! Hehehehe

615sWife said...

Happy Birthday!!!

nitebyrd said...

:D Happy Birthday!

DCHY said...

HnS - thank you ;)

Shelle - my wife drove most of the way. She was willing. The girls were great, but we agreed to not do the whole trip in one shot anymore out of fairness for the girls.

615sWife - thank you very much. :)

Nitebyrd - Hehe, thanks.