Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Say What? "Legally reduced resume"

Scene: my wife was holding a phone in one hand and trying to sign to me what she loves to say

Allow me to explain here what I mean about "signing one-handed". When a sign requires two hands and you are holding something, it is okay to use one hand. If you're not encumbered, then you're considered to be lazy. ;)

Her (signing one-handed): Legally reduced resume
Me (signing): Say that again
Her (signing): Legally reduced resume
Me (voicing what I think she said): Legally reduced resume?
Her (signing with two hands): Now, that's interesting how you interpreted that! What I said was "Law of diminishing returns".


nitebyrd said...

Your conversations are interesting, to say the least!

DCHY said...

Nitebyrd - no kidding! You know what else my wife loves about me? She can say things in a certain way or use an idiom and she KNOWS that I will understand what she is saying.