Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Say What? "No rest for the weekend"

My wife was totally stressed out over the lineup of job assignments and said with a sigh, "No rest for the weekend".

THAT is what my brain told me. I repeated that back to her. She stopped dead in her tracks and I immediately realized she had used an idiom.

"No rest for the wicked"

You hearies and the idioms! LOL


Vodka Logic said...

I hope it was a wicked weekend.. or a weekend full of wicked.. ok so not so funny.

Hearies..never heard that term..xx

DCHY said...

Vodka Logic - no. LOL As for the term "hearies", that's what we deaf people call hearing people. Common usage. No, you can't call us "deafies"...only we can. :)

Becky said...

That is funny. My parents taught English in China and said teaching and explaining all our idioms was a big challenge.

DCHY said...

Becky - it remains a challenge to many deaf people everywhere. I totally get how the Chinese people could be so confused about "raining cats and dogs" among other idioms. :)