Monday, September 27, 2010

Recipes and permanent memories

First of all, I want to address a request made by Anjeny. She asked me for a recipe on the cupcakes that my wife made for our 10th anniversary party. She got them from (a very well-versed site).

Chocolate fudge cupcakes
Red velvet cupcakes
Vanilla cupcakes - same recipe as red velvet cupcakes, minus the food coloring.

Cream cheese frosting
Peanut butter frosting
Mint buttercup frosting with dark chocolate glaze - mint chocolate frosting, as everyone called it, was really weak at the beginning. I had my wife add more mint to it and we got it just right. As always, taste before serving for best results. ;)

I did have an anniversary present to give to my wife (as did she), but unforseen circumstances prevented that for both of us. Last Friday, I went with my wife to "exchange" the a tattoo parlor. LOL She has always wanted to add three more tattooes to her two and I granted her that desire.

She kept thinking I'd back out of getting inked for real. I wasn't really into the idea of getting inked because I always had that "what if" scenarios running through my mind. What if I don't like how it looks? What if I develop an allergic reaction to ink? What if, what if, what if... Ah, forget it - life is short!

For those who know me, the designs of my tattooes reflect me. Sorry if you were expecting flashy or crazy designs. ;)

Here's my first tattoo...

To explain what "that" is...this is the sign for "I love you" in finger sticks. My wife got the mirrored image on her left shoulder because of how we sleep in the bed - my right shoulder touches her left shoulder. Sweet, huh? ;)

Here's the actual sign (not my hand) below.

...and here's my second tattoo.

The letters are Greek, saying "Kappa Phi Theta". Before you jump in to say "You got that wrong, it is supposed to say 'Phi Theta Kappa' which is a honors society for community college students", I belong to a now-defunct fraternity called Kappa Phi Theta. My wife is a member of Phi Theta Kappa. Trust me, I know the difference. ;)

The woman who did the tattoo work was fascinated with me and she kept asking us all kinds of questions. We both answered everything and threw in some random information like how long we have been married, kids, blah blah. Even other artists listened in on us and asked us few things.

As for my inking experience, it hurt a little bit but it was really nothing to me. Felt weird, as if the skin was being pulled instead of the "skipping across" sensation. Had slight burning sensation but I recovered right away and I am not feeling any pain now.

What did you think of my tattooes? Simple, I know...but fits me perfectly. ;)


Gucci Mama said...


nitebyrd said...

Nice! I'm very intrigued by the "I Love You" one. Subtle and cool!

Excellent choice in gifting, DCHY!

Garden of Egan said...

I LOVE the I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!
I knew it right off!
You are awesome and that is so sweet that you got twinner ones.

DCHY said...

Gucci Mama - thanks. :D

Nitebyrd - wait til you see my wife's tattooes. They're MORE subtle. :)

Garden of Egan - I'm glad you really liked the ILY tattoo. Why not get one yourself? ;)

Emmy said...

The I Love You tattoo is perfect. And I was proud that I knew what it stood for before I read it. :)

Katy Rose Grider said...

I think they both fit you and also hers do too. I'm addicted to tatts as well :)

I've thought about getting the ILY or terp symbol on me.

Anjeny said...

DCHY..thanks so much for the recipe referrence. My oldest daughter and my bdays are coming next month and we are so going to play with these cupcake and frosting recipes.

I like the "I ♥ u" tattoo. I think it's neat how both you and your wife are each getting matching(in some ways) tattoos that represent each of you.

DCHY said...

Emmy - I'm proud of you for knowing what that was before reading what that was. LOL

Katy Rose Grider - that would be a badge of honor...the terp symbol, that is.

Anjeny - you're welcome...and thank you. :)

Papa K said...

CONGRATS on getting tattooed brother! Can you stop now? I couldn't. They are indeed very subtle... but very cool

GoodWill said...

I like it! Subtle and simple would suit me as well, and I like that you went for what works for you.

DCHY said...

Papa K - oh I can stop. If I were to add anything, it would be just ONE tattoo and nothing more. I doubt that will happen. ;)

GoodWill - thanks! Sometimes you can overdo it with flashy stuff.

Autumn said...

they are so personal, and i'm so very happy that you love them so much. the one you and your wife got together is beautiful and a little symbol of things imo. yay! glad it's healing well too.

DCHY said...

Autumn - thank you. My wife is still healing on her other tattooes. I have to remember to not "tap" her on her right shoulder. ;)