Thursday, April 1, 2010

Which came first, the chicken or the egg?

I promised that I would answer questions and Anjeny asked me a question in her comment to Tuesday's post - "Do I read lips?"

Yes, I do...but I do not comprehend 100% when relying only on lipreading. I prefer sign language which greatly reduces the chances of misunderstanding what was being said to me. I've discovered, with great amusement on my part and others, that I can cyber-lipread. Hehe!

I have an account at - here's the link. Please do feel free to ask me any here, by e-mail, or at formspring - nothing is out of bounds.

Psst...the answer to the title is "the chicken" because there's no way an egg could be formed without the assistance of a chicken. ;)

Sorry about the "phantom" posts that originated from my blog. I wasn't thinking when I typed in the publish dates for two posts and after looking over my blog for appearances, I noticed that I had already published two posts...and this one was one of the two. Oops! Sorry about the confusion!


Secretia said...

It's the age old debate, I think there is no clear winner.


Autumn said...

good call on the chicken. it's cool that you are able to read lips also. i can see why it's not an exact science, but i'm sure it's helped a time or two.

DCHY said...

Secretia - hehe...kinda like asking why did the chicken cross the road... ;)

Autumn - yeah, but that can be funny. In fact, I plan to debut a series on that, starting this Monday.

Emmy said...

You can cyber-lipread?? Wow! I've heard that's hard! Lol!

I could ask this via formspring, but while I'm typing I'll just add it here. My daughter's teacher who is deaf told us interesting stories about the philosphy of being raised deaf. She was forced to learn to read lips before they allowed her to learn sign language because of the philosophy at that time which was to make deaf kids "normal". What was your experience like?

DCHY said...

Emmy - excellent question. I will put that in a post...maybe on Wednesday. Should make for an interesting read. :)

Anjeny said...

Thanks DCHY. It does help that you can read lips too even if you don't comprehend it 100%...see, it helps people like me who can't sign whatsoever to be able to communicate a little with you...well, that is if we were to ever meet in person.

As for the egg/chicken question, I will so totally stay away from it cuz it makes my head spin just trying to figure that one out..LOL.

Anjeny said...

OMGosh!! I can't believe I did that. I must be so grateful I have to comment 8 times...sheesh. Sorry! :(

DCHY said...

Anjeny - no has happened to me as well. I removed all those "Comment has been deleted" comments.

Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

I say it was the egg... how did the chicken come if there was no egg? lol!

My question is how do you daughters communicate? Did you teach them sign language first? Are they fluent in it? That kind of thing.

DCHY said...

Shelle - I will answer your question in a post...and I'll let you know when it will be up. :)