Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Say What? "Where's the lesbian?"

Scene: At a pizzeria with my older daughter (after wife and younger daughter went to the bathroom)

Her (looking concerned): Where's the lesbian?
Me (after looking around for a "lesbian" and realizing maybe that's not what she said): Where's what?
Her: Where's the last piece (of my pizza)?
Me (now composed after suppressing my hysterical laughter fit): Oh, C ate it. Sorry.


Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

Bwahahahahahah--funny! So does lesbian look like last piece of pizza? I will have to go watch my lips in the mirror! Hehe

DCHY said...

Shelle - I know! I was in tears. I told my wife and she was in tears too. LOL

Anjeny said...

That was funny. I wonder what your daughter would have said if you had to repeat that question back to her.

DCHY said...

Anjeny - she knows what lesbians are but I suspect she would've been confused if I had repeated that back to her. LOL

Autumn said...

that's so freaking funny! oh man, i'm still laughing here.

Anonymous said...

Too much!!