Friday, April 30, 2010

Formspring Q & A #3

Q: Do you ever have people get mad at you because they think you are ignoring them? Then how do they take their foot out of their mouth after that?

A: Excellent questions! Yes, it has happened to me and the usual reaction on their part is "He is so rude". How did I know that? The look on their faces and their body language when I finally do acknowledge their presence. To answer the second question, my experience tells me that you should use the "Oh sorry I didn't realize" approach and treat me the same respect that you show to everyone else.


Autumn said...

well that just plain makes sense. i know i would feel horrible if i did that to someone. i've never been in that situation. my friend lil mama is deaf in one ear (though you'd never really know unless she said so) so if i am speaking with her, i have to be certain to stand on the right side so she can hear me. there's been a few times when we need to repeat things and such. :)

DCHY said...

Autumn - that's good...did YOU know she was deaf in one ear when you met her for the first time?

southerngirl said...

I have an elderly parent who is deaf in one ear....we have many challenges like what you mentioned. Interestingly the airport has given us hassles in the past because I accompany her for "pre-boarding" and they wanna know why.... I am like look it up moron!! It's in their database.


DCHY said...

Southerngirl - that's interesting. I've always boarded planes by myself. My trick is to let the gate announcer know that I am deaf and would need "visual cues" to let me know it is my turn to come up to the gate.