Monday, August 1, 2011

I didn't get the job. Again.

Five weeks ago, I discovered through an old friend that a company was looking for someone with certain set of skills and experience which I happen to have. I applied and went in for two rounds of interviews. The vibe felt good all around. They were impressed with how easily I handled the "obstacles" they threw at me to confirm that I knew how to do the job.

I found out early last week that I didn't get the job I really wanted. It didn't matter that it was only part-time because I already had another part-time job and I would've easily tailored my day around both.

I tried to ask someone deep inside the company to check my resume to make sure I had no cause for concern in future interviews three weeks earlier, but got the "I didn't check, but I doubt it's the resume" brush-off.

I have connections and my network is huge. It didn't take long to learn who was hired instead of me and it was someone I have known since '98. My wife, upon discovery, angrily said something about the new hire not having any degree or experience. I told her the company probably had their reason for not hiring me. That didn't please my wife at all.

When she told a friend about what had happened, he responded with "Well, he is Donald Trump among his peers and the new hire? She is just commonfolk. That's why they got her cheap." Whether or not that was true, that made me feel good for a little while.

The point is why don't companies want the best possible candidates? When I started working for the black hole of a county government center in '00, it was seller's market for the people seeking jobs. Not anymore.

When I told a blogger friend by the name of Shelle BlokThoughts about who got hired instead and what a friend said about me, she told me "It's the economy. They will take someone who is average, okay enough that they can teach the rest of the skills to."

Sighs. At least Shelle was honest with me and with the help of her candor, I'm grounded in the reality now and ready to move on with my life. Let me end this post with a great quote...

"Perseverance is a great element of success. If you only knock long enough and loud enough at the gate, you are sure to wake up somebody." -by Henry Wadsworth.


Garden of Egan said...

I'm sorry you didn't get the job.

I was talking with my hubs about my job yesterday. I told him that it was such a weird place to work anymore.
The dumbest people are in admin and managers have the personality of lint.
So weird.

You would have done a great job. You may not be able to hear, but you are a great communicator. I can tell.

A Daft Scots Lass said...

I applied for a great job two weeks ago. The interview went well and they seemed keen.

I'm still waiting to hear something. Whether it be a "No" or "you suck", at least give SOME feedback!

How rude!

Jewels said...

Sadly this is true. I used to be in charge of hiring at a daycare and there are people who are over qualified and want too much money. Now, we usually worked something out because when it comes to kids we don't want idiots working with them but to a degree it is easier to higher younger people with less expectations and teach them.

This works because we can shape them the way we'd like them instead of re-working somebody set in their ways and also because again...$$.

It sucks but it was that way 4 years ago when I left that job and I'm sure it has only gotten worse.

So sad to see you let down though. :(

DCHY said...

GoE - I had a job like that where the managers couldn't talk and chew the gum at same time. LOL The job I didn't get was for a deaf person so it wasn't a matter of communication. Just who they were willing to fork over the money for. :)

ADSL - ah, I remember the old days when companies actually cared enough to let you know you didn't get the job. It sounds like you didn't get the them - say something like "just making sure your phone is still working because I haven't heard back" ;)

Jewels - this was the exact same job I had before with a different company. Funny thing was...I never did put down the salary I was getting at the other place. I'm sure they knew I was MONEY. I would like to believe I'm worth every penny. Shrugs. C'est la vie.

Furry Bottoms said...

It really sucks when you've been passed over for a job you KNEW you were well qualified for. And all the great vibes and all that... Grr. Just keep at it, it's really all you can do is it?

Furry Bottoms said...

Erm. I mentioned you in my most recent post. I hope that was OK.

DCHY said...

Furry Bottoms - yes, that's all I can do and keep on going despite all the rejections I have gotten. I don't mind you mentioning me. I am going over to look at your post now.

Jewels said...

Hey there. Wanted to let you know that I have moved from Blogger to WordPress. I wanted to leave you my link since JewelsTurning30 is no more.

new blog is