Monday, April 25, 2011

Being a bachelor definitely helped me prepare for fatherhood

Last Wednesday, my wife went on a trip to the capital city for a rally.

6:04 am - my wife shakes me awake

6:06 - after blinking the last remnants of sleep away, I get up and go to the bathroom.

6:19 - after making my rounds of e-mail, text messages, IMs, & games on my iPhone and getting dressed, I go downstairs and I see that my wife is already gone. I sit with the girls while they watch Disney/Nick.

7:05 - I ask the girls what they want for breakfast. They both said cereal.

7:07 - after washing two bowls and filling them with their cereal, I realize that there's not enough milk to do one bowl. My wife forgot to tell me that we needed milk. I use soymilk on their cereals instead (they like soymilk anyway).

7:07 - they are served and I contemplate washing a bowl so I could have a cereal too. I decide to wait and use one of their bowl. Just didn't feel like washing another. ;)

7:21 - the older daughter is done and the younger chimes in with "I done!" so I ask the older if she wants the remains of her sister's cereal. She nods with wide eyes. I take her bowl and return to the kitchen.

7:22 - after rinsing off the bowl, I fill it with my cereal. I pour in my milk...and it wasn't even close to being adequate. I remember seeing a small carton of chocolate milk in the fridge. Why not? I pour that into the center and the pre-existing milk doesn't turn color at the visible edge.

7:23 - I always start at the edge of my cereal and work my way in...the constant digging into my cereal has made the milk look more brownish-dusty. No real flavor of chocolate yet.

7:24 - I finally reach the chocolate-y part of the cereal and it's quite interesting to experience. Not bad at all. Just more..."fun" eat.

7:45 - I brush my teeth and shepherd the girls off to their schools.

8:56 - I'm still tasting the chocolate milk...the cereal taste is long forgotten. Made me smile.

See? Now that I am a family man, drawing on my bachelor days helped me cope with the shortages creatively. ;)


A Daft Scots Lass said...

Very resourceful indeed!

Amanda said...

Try some beer on your cereal. That will really bring you back ;-)

DCHY said...

ADSL - yep!

Amanda - that's for the lazy bachelors. I never was one. ;)

MandaKelly said...

That is awesome!

DCHY said...

MandaKelly - I know...funny how you do something out of necessity to get by. Thought about putting water in my cereal. ;)

Copyboy said...

Now I wanna see how you handle dinner. Hopefully there will be beer involved.

frances said...

It may be silly, but this post made me smile.

Anonymous said...

haha reminds me of guys in college making mac&cheese with beer instead of milk...ick. Then again chocolate milk makes everything better.

Garden of Egan said...

OK that was funny!

DCHY said...

Copyboy - I just slap together some dinner outta box and serve them cold. ;)

frances - silly? No. Glad that you enjoyed the post. :)

Jewels - beer? Ugh. My sister used to live on mac n cheese when she was in college. She can't stand it anymore. LOL

GoE - yeppers!

nitebyrd said...

This reminds me of when Bill Cosby gave his kids chocolate cake for breakfast!

Actually, I like that you didn't panic and/or get pissed off. You just handled it and got on with the day.

DCHY said...

nitebyrd - exactly! That's the phrase I use too...handle it and get on with it. :)