Monday, December 6, 2010

Who needs sound to know what's going on around you...?

Emmy (of her fabulously philosophical "Right Turn Without Signaling" blog) left a comment on my post about stopping my mother dead in her tracks - "As my daughter's teacher always reminds parents who are baffled by the fact she's deaf but missing nothing, there are a lot of things that happen where you don't need sound to know it is happening. This is a great example of this."

Emmy, as I said in my response to your comment, you are absolutely right. However, the depth and the scope of how we miss nothing hasn't been explained...until now.

While I was standing around after getting my tattoos, the artist was trying to find something and I knew exactly what she was looking for. I got a piece of paper that was taped to the chair and handed it to her. She was surprised because that was exactly what she was looking for and she didn't say a word to anyone.

How did I know? First of all, she turned the chair around. The paper came into my view and it was a drawing of a tattoo that my wife wanted on her body. Then the artist rearranged her tools and accessories. After watching her be satisfied with her arrangement, I saw how her head came up and her eyes rested on the spot where the paper had suddenly "disappeared". She started looking around for it.

Easy as putting two and two together. There are other moments that have astounded even my wife who has witnessed my observation powers. Such as?, you ask (as I knew you would LOL).

Recently, my family and I went to our older daughter's school for "Trunk r Treat" where people would give out candy from their vehicles. After making our round, we went inside the cafeteria. I noticed some art, all using the same artwork. Ahh, coloring contest! My wife explained to me that each row represented each grade and each held the finalists. She pointed one out to me - it was our daughter's.

Of course, my heart swelled with pride and I thought she did a very good job compared to the rest in her grade. I tried my best to be objective and I looked over very carefully each art in her grade. 8 total out of over 70 students. 4 were marginally good or worse. I thought hers was either best or second best. I looked over all other finalists' art.

Then we all sat down to mingle with everyone else. Not long after, I saw a woman pull a single artwork off each row and then stand in front of the crowd. I realized that the woman had picked winners...and my daughter's artwork was still on the row. I was disappointed by that. My wife waved at me to get my attention and told me they're ready to announce the winners.

I told my wife "That woman already has picked winners and our daughter didn't win. Shh, don't tell her." My wife looked at me like I had no idea what I was talking about. The woman started announcing the winners by each grade. My wife asked me how I could possibly know that. Just as I finished explaining my observations, the woman announced the winner for my daughter's grade and my daughter did the "Oh man I didn't win!" face.

At least she was a good sport about that. I was proud of her for that and I told her so after we left.


Lin said...

Huh...that's pretty awesome. My husband says that I dont nearly pay enough attention to the things around me, I guess he's right since the last couple of car accidents I've been have been my fault lol.

Garden of Egan said...

That's trippy.
Makes me rethink my awareness.

Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

I miss soooo much around me, it's hilarious.

But I have my personality to make up for it. :)

Copyboy said...

Sorry. I know how hard that type of stuff can b on a kid. I remember not winning this poster competition and being upset. Then of course I got over it the next day. I think it was 'cause mom served ice-cream at dinner.

Emmy said...

Wow! I feel so special that a comment of mine was used for fodder. :)

I think these are all great examples. Reminds me of when a kid is learning to read - they teach the kid to look at everything in order to figure out the word they may not be able to read. It's sort of the same thing. :)
Good post!

DCHY said...

Lin - then be proactive and notice every little detail. You'd be surprised by how expansive the world is. ;)

GoE - yes, see how that clues you in when you pay attention to everything.

Shelle - hehe! That made me laugh. You do have a great personality.

Copyboy - it wasn't a bad reaction my daughter had. It was more like "Drats! I didn't win!" than "What? I didn't win?" She understood that she may or may not win. You know what? The woman picked out the winner out of the marginal 4. Huh.

Emmy - yes, you were the source of inspiration for this post. ;) My daughters take in everything differently. The older is more laid-back and observes things. The younger is more of memorizing things and moving on.