Monday, November 15, 2010

Follow through is the key

When I was done shopping at a small department chain store with my girls for their mother's birthday gifts, we headed out for the checkout lanes. As we got there, I discovered that my younger daughter had picked up something that I wasn't going to pay for, so I sent my older daughter with the item to put it back.

Because I was distracted with looking for my daughter to return, I didn't notice that a cashier had come over and was trying to tell me that her lane was open. As my daughter neared, she noticed the cashier and heard her telling me her lane was open. She told me to look over there and I went "Oh! Okay" when I saw the cashier.

After the cashier rang up the purchases, she said something I didn't understand and my older daughter stepped in to help me. She didn't have to and I am not going to use her as my "crutch" with the hearing world, but I appreciated her effort to help me out. I told the cashier "Thank you but I don't want a department credit card."

Then I swiped my card. Technology has come a long way...used to be that they had to tell me how much the total was and I didn't always understand. Nowadays, the total is seen on the pad. The cashier then handed me the receipt and...

Barely signed "Thank you" to me. You know, in a very small way motion-wise. You do it from your chin and her hands never went above her chest.

Here's the link to a video that shows you how to say "Thank you"

Follow through is the key. ;)


Garden of Egan said...

I had to go over to the video and watch it! Awesome!
I'm a little bit surprised that the cashier would know that much.

As you describe your experiences in the store I think I see a glimpse of how frustrating it might be and how misunderstood you may be taken.

DCHY said...

GoE - she did know but I think she was too scared to do it because she felt that she would screw it up. By not following through, she screwed it up. :)

Copyboy said...

Yeah that must be frustrating. But the good (and bad of it) there is so much less interpersonal interaction during transactions. I notice that too. I'm checking out the video. :)

nitebyrd said...

She made some effort to say, "Thank you!" in some way, which is very rare. She probably was timid because of the fear of doing it wrong, though.

Cashiers 'round here think you're doing them a favor by shopping in their store.

DCHY said...

Copyboy - did you enjoy the vid? Easy to sign that. ;)

Nitebyrd - you're correct, she was timid in signing that. I do appreciate that...just follow through better. That's all I ask of her and everyone else. :)